How to Organize a Fundraising Event

Updated: May 11, 2021

A step-by-step guide to organizing your fundraising event

People socializing at fundraising event in Miami

Fundraising events are a hit for organizations that need donations to keep running. These events offer an efficient opportunity to raise money for your organization and cause. Their infrastructure allows you to attract and accommodate many people that bring in their contribution, helping you achieve the financial goals of your institution.

Fundraising events are somewhat different from other events. Since the goal of these events is to raise money, it’s important to control all expenses by planning ahead of time and organizing everything carefully in order to avoid unpredictable and extra costs. Organization is the key to maximize the financial results you are aiming for.

We have gathered below all you need to know to organize a fundraising event and make it a success.

1. Goals

Before everything else, it’s important to define the goals of your event. Do you want to raise funds only or is there another goal? Other than raising money, the goal might be to promote the institution, make new partnerships or networking. Consider the mission and values of your institution and define relevant and attainable goals.

2- Audience

After defining your goals, it’s time to analyse the audience you intend to reach. Consider the region where you live in and how you plan on using the raised funds.

Knowing the audience of a specific event will certainly define the success of your cause and institution. To achieve this, it’s necessary that the event is perfectly aligned with the interests of your audience. It would be disastrous if the audience attending the event does not relate with your cause or can not contribute to the objectives established by your event.

3. Event Type

The steps mentioned above will help you choose the type of event you can hold. Different events have the ability to raise different amounts of money and require different levels of investment. Therefore, it’s important to define your goals and audience before defining the event type.

Run walk fundraising event in Miami South Florida

4. Costs

This has to be one of the first items on your checklist since financial planning is essential to make a successful and enjoyable event for you, your team, donors and everyone else. Moreover, knowing each expense will help you reach the stipulated goals.

Therefore, it’s crucial to carefully evaluate all costs and investment required to organize the event. Make a list of expenses such as renting the venue, food and drinks, services to be hired, prizes, and so on.

5- Raising funds

After having all of the costs defined, you will need to find ways to cover them. If there’s no cover charge to attend the event, then you can raise money by selling food, drinks, merchandise and other things or rely on donations during the event. Another option is to have a cover charge.

Donating money for a cause in Miami

Regardless if you will include a cover charge or not, the main tip here is to sell tickets online so then people have easy and safe access to them. By doing this, you can explore the different online marketing options, which increases the chances of your event to be a success.

Another advantage of selling the tickets online is that you can ask for their contact info such as email and phone number, which allow you to establish direct communication with them after purchasing. Create a mailing list with these contacts and send them marketing content in the future. Maybe they can become frequent collaborators of your future projects?

Here follow some ways to boost the sales of online tickets:

- Sell discounted tickets;

- Offer savings when buying more than 2 tickets;

- Promotional codes for partners and people who support your organization,

- Sell special tickets with personalized products such as shirts, mugs, bottles, and so on.

Buying tickets for a fundraising event in Miami Beach

6- Attractions

The producers should know the importance of attractions aligned with the goals of the event. After defining the event type and goals, think about what your audience would like to experience during the event. In order to raise funds and awareness of your cause and importance for the community, make sure you have creative, relevant and fun attractions to the public.

A photo booth rental offer fun and interactive entertainment for the people attending fundraising events. The customization options available on a photo booth allows you to incorporate them into the theme of your event.

Photo booth at a fun fundraising event in Miami
Mirror Photo Booth

For example, let’s say you are having a basketball event bringing the community together to raise funds for a Hurricane disaster. It’s possible to customize the backdrop of the photo booth experience into the basketball world by transporting people to basketball courts. This is possible through the green screen feature available on the photo booth. You can actually customize these photo booth the way you want. The options to make your public immerse themselves into your event theme are endless. Check out here the different customization options for photo booth rentals.

7- Sponsors and Partners

This is an important aspect because the idea is that all, or at least most, costs are covered through sponsorship and partnerships. Food and drinks, sound and video equipment, venue, prizes, attractions, and so on - all of this can be obtained with sponsors and partners.

It’s also important to remember that your organization will have to give something in return. Therefore, think of ways that your event can promote and bring benefits to the company you are working with. Maybe expose their brand on a local TV channel, radio station, newspaper, website, and other media.

Remember that it’s a great opportunity for your sponsor to associate their brand with your cause. It’s positive for their image to sponsor a charity organization that is involved with a good cause. Therefore, reaching out to these companies is a good strategy that creates a win-win situation for both parties.

People shaking hands after agree to a sponsorship of a fundraising event in Miami

8- Volunteers

Invite volunteers to work on the event. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about expenses related to hiring personnel.

Volunteering at a fundraising event donating in Miami

9- Marketing

Creating a positive image of the event through marketing strategies determines the success of your event. The strategy should emphasize your cause and at the same time create an emotional bond between the target audience and the event itself. The marketing tools and media have to be carefully chosen in order to effectively reach them.

Posting on social media platforms is an effective and free way to promote your event. You can do it by yourself without any financial resources. Here follow some ways to use online marketing:

- Create graphic material for social media posting;

- Promote on the main platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn);

- Create a Facebook event page,

- Email marketing.

Social media online marketing of fundraising event in Miami

Other than online marketing, there are other marketing strategies such as:

- Distribute flyers at strategic locations (restaurants, malls, stores, public spaces, etc);

- Offline media advertisement (newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio),

- Contact volunteers, partners and anyone who knows about your organization and ask them to promote your event on their communication channel.

Sign for a fundraising event in Miami

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