How to Generate Leads Online: Learn How to Get Contacts and Sell More

Updated: May 11, 2021

In this article you will learn how to generate leads and create strategies to increase your sales. Moreover, you will understand the importance of managing the captured leads.

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The success of your brand is directly correlated with your presence in the digital world. Having some digital marketing skills is essential to make any business grow. One of the most important skills in digital marketing is the ability to generate and manage your leads (people who show interest in your products and can potentially become clients). We can say that leads are the main component that make the digital marketing machine work.

To be more specific, leads are the people who provide their contact info (e.g., name, email, phone number, etc) in exchange for an offer (e.g., e-book, video, photo, etc). Both parties, i.e. you and the lead, have interest in this relationship, and the secret from your end is to provide good content. Later, this lead has to be turned into a client.

There are plenty of ways to obtain leads online and manage them. We’ve selected in this post some effective ways to do this.


It’s essential to offer useful content in exchange for peoples’ contact information. This content can be e-books, blogs, images such as infographics, webinars, interviews, demos and so on. This has to be a more in-depth content that provides information and value to the person requesting access.

Corporation and business social media content sample

The content you offer is the first contact of the visitor with your brand. The content has to engage and eventually direct your visitors to forms that ask their contact info. Once they fill up these forms, they become leads. Make it clear the benefits involved in leaving their information. For example, having access to exclusive content they can’t find anywhere else is a pretty reasonable argument to ask for their contact information.

The goal of content marketing is to educate, inform and provide your visitor with useful material that is related to your business industry. However, be careful with the content you create. Make sure the language used is not excessively linked to your products or services, at least during the first contact with the visitor.

Also, creating content only focused on obtaining new clients is not recommended. This behavior can put your visitors away instead of attracting them. The visitors are not interested in knowing more about your products or services at a such early stage of this relationship.

Instead of talking about your products directly, give tips, ideas, assistance, guide them towards solving their issues. There will be more opportunities along the way to show your products and subsequently convert the lead into a client.

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They have to be simple, short and straight to the point. This avoids the forms to be too long and exhaustive. A great strategy is to make the forms available on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn. By doing this, the leads are just a click away!

Forms have to be visible in as many pages as possible. When a visitor finds your website through an online searching tool, it’s not possible to predict each page, post or content of your brand he or she will land on. So make these forms present throughout your website.

Moreover, it’s important to have basic contact information of your company, such as email and phone number, visible on the footer of all pages. Other than increasing the probability of a lead contacting you to obtain more information, this strategy gives credibility to your website.

Qualified leads

If people accessed your website and shared their information through the forms, you know these are qualified leads because they are genuinely showing interest in your products or services. This is different than getting the contact of random people that have no interest in what you sell.

In other words, it’s better to have 10 people that you have high chances of closing the deal than 100 people with very low chances. You can save time and energy with the “right” potential clients. This is a big step towards the sale.

Social media

Social media is important not only to build a relationship between brands and clients, but it’s also useful to generate leads if a good strategic plan is used.

But how is it possible to generate leads through social media? Firstly, it’s important to know your audience and understand which marketing strategies will be more effective depending on the people you are trying to reach.

After defining your target audience, you will know which social media you have to focus on.

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This is an excellent platform to generate leads. It’s possible to fully and objectively interact with people through this platform and to be followed by influencers of your industry, adding value to the brand. Also, create campaigns with hashtags and engage interaction among users.

Moreover, you can use Twitter to direct users to more in-depth content of your brand. Consider posts that will redirect users to fill up forms on your website, in exchange for exclusive content.

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Instagram and Facebook

They are the most accessed social media and can’t be out of your strategy. It’s possible to use these platforms to capture leads. For example, use links on your company’s Instagram bio to redirect users to your website. Moreover, use hashtags, CTA (call to action) on the post captions, quizzes and questions on the stories, Instagram Ads, etc.

On Facebook, make sure to explore the fan page, groups, events, re-marketing, and Facebook Ads with personalized forms to capture leads. There are several options to be used.

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This is the the most used social media for professionals and businesses. One of the main advantages of LinkedIn is the specific segmentation of people and industries. This allows you to easily find users that can be potentially interested in your products.

Moreover, this platform allows the creation of highly segmented content, development of communities, and it gives you the opportunity to become reference in any specific industry. LinkedIn offers great ways to send traffic to your website and apply CTA, which will result in leads.


Making a client happy is one of the best marketing strategies your brand can invest on. Happy clients will promote your brand by leaving positive feedback online. Other users will see these feedback and will research about your company. This happens because people tend to consider online reviews and the type of experience other people had with brands.

It’s even better if this happy client talks about your brand with friends and family. Leads coming from a close recommendation are extremely qualified and more likely to become clients.

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Keep in touch

Keep constant contact with the clients even after the sale is concluded. The most effective way to do this is by sending emails presenting the company’s new products, campaigns, and other info they might be interested in.

This is a great way to make the relationship between the company and clients stronger, as well as opening opportunities for further sales. Moreover, ask for feedback of their recently bought products, and identify flaws on your service that can be improved.

The good news is that just like many other things on digital marketing, this task can be fully or partially automated. Many tools out there do the job for you. These tools facilitate the nourishment of leads and guarantee an effective relationship between you and the lead.

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