Find Out How to Use Events to Generate Qualified Leads

Updated: May 11, 2021

Did you know that events offer great opportunities for your company to capture qualified and long-lasting leads that can eventually become clients? Read below and find out how to do that!

Conference event in Miami Florida

It’s well known that events such as conventions, trade shows, exhibitions, etc, offer excellent opportunities for networking. Some of them, however, also offer business opportunities through the acquisition of new contacts, or leads, that might become customers. It all depends on having the right strategy to use these events for networking as well as lead capturing.

This post talks about lead capturing, the importance of qualifying and nourishing them and how to use your company’s events to generate leads for your business.

Target audience

Just like in any other strategy, defining the target audience is the first step. This decision will help you focus your energy mainly on the people that can potentially become real clients. By knowing the specific audience you are focusing on, it’s possible to add value to these potential clients by offering right the service they are looking for.

Networking on a trade show in Miami

Defining the target audience is also essential for the planning stage, such as the promotion of the event, definition of the themes to be presented, the professionals responsible for the presentations and activities, and so on.


Organizing a pre-event is a great way to trigger more interest in the big day ahead. The simplest way to do this is through a webinar. The costs of infrastructure are drastically reduced with a webinar instead of having an event at a venue.

Make the live link for the webinar available after filing up a form asking for peoples’ contact information. Therefore, other than engaging them to participate in the main event, a pre-event webinar is a great way to generate leads.

Person organizing exhibition in Miami

Event promotion

Defining a good promotion strategy is crucial to reach the target audience in a satisfactory way. The promotion of the event is the first contact they have with your company. It’s a great opportunity for the ones who don’t know what it is about to get to know more about the event and your business. This results in another good way to generate leads after these people sign up for the event.

There are many digital marketing strategies to get more people to your event: create blog posts on your company’s blog, use Google Ads, social media campaigns, send email to existing leads, and many other ways.

Also, it’s your job to make it easier for people to sign up for your event. Add links to the event’s page on specific pages of your website, as well as links on social media. Once they click on these links, they are automatically redirected to the sign-up form of the event.

Creative attractions

Offering attractions that will grab the visitors’ attention results in many leads for your company. One of the biggest characteristics of successful events that make them stand out is the experience they offer. The secret here is to impress the visitors and connect them with your brand. One way to do this is by introducing a new technology that will provide the wow factor needed for capturing leads.

The latest technology in the photo booth rental industry provides fun and entertainment for visitors while you have a great chance to capture those desired leads. The Mirror X, 360 Spin Camera and Multi-camera array/time freeze photo booths offer cutting-edge technology and features that can be fully customized according to your brand needs, as well as sharing stations that capture leads. Click on each booth to learn more.

After having fun in front of the cameras and experiencing the latest technology available in the photo booth rental industry, the visitors send their videos and pictures to their email and phone (through SMS). In order to do this, they just need to enter their contact information on the sharing station. Later, your company is provided with a list of everyone’s contact.

This is a great way to expand your business with people who just had contact with your brand and are now familiar with your products. These are qualified leads that have high chances of becoming clients because they already know what your products are about.

It’s even better if you make these attractions related to the theme of the event and your brand. You can fully customize these photo booths with your company’s logo. This increases your possibilities of capturing more leads as the people who just experienced the custom branded photo booth post online their videos and pictures and expose your brand on social media. In other words, they are showing your brand to the world without you lifting a finger.


Who doesn't love gifts? Offer gifts in exchange for any information that is valuable to your business. The gift can be a photo keepsake printed by the photo booth.

Use an automated system: have the visitors fill up an online form with basic questions regarding their contact information and some other questions that will help you later turn this lead into a client. By doing this, the participant will get a printed photo of the experience they just had with the photo booth.

Event present

The questions can be related to their consumption habits of a specific product and internet information, general internet preferences, and any other questions relevant to your company business. This information will help you know the preferences and style of your new lead. Use this information later to prepare a specific and personal marketing strategy to each lead captured. This substantially increases your chances of selling to this person.

Interpersonal lead capture

It’s very common to create lead capture strategies solely based on automated systems. They are indeed very effective, however, the importance of interpersonal relations are often minimized.

It’s not possible to give full attention to everyone during an event, but giving special attention to some of them might be the secret to convert their interest into a sale. Therefore, follow the registrations closely, and pay attention to the most qualified leads signing up for the event. As this qualified lead signs up, get ready to give this person some minutes of your time during the event.

person showing lead capture skills at a convention in Miami

Qualifying leads

Let’s say the contact page of your company receives 300 messages weekly and you don’t have a lot of personnel to answer these messages. In this case you need to classify these messages and find the most qualified contacts with the highest probability of buying.

During an event, you will get visitors with very diverse profiles and obviously it’s impossible to instantly qualify them. Ideally, you have to use your networking ability to clearly talk to every visitor and identify the ones leaning towards doing business. By doing this, you will be able to filter out the ones with lower chances of buying and actually focusing your energy and time on the right ones.

Qualified capturing leads in Miami

Nourish leads

The nourishment of a lead until it becomes a client is as important as capturing the lead itself. The relationship between your company and the lead has to mature before it becomes a sale. This can be done with constant contact, always using common sense not to send too much information.

Many tools are available for automating this process so you just need to send each lead information and characteristics to the database and the system does the rest. The system sends each lead personalized messages according to the lead’s goals and characteristics. This personalized approach differentiates each lead, making them unique and with specific preferences and consumption styles.

The person on the other side of the communication stream will recognize that the effort is personalized and not part of a mass strategy. This marketing strategy increases the chances to turn this lead into a client. Therefore, it’s essential to get to know more about each lead separately and add to the system its unique characteristics that will help you define the approach to be used.

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