Corporate Holiday Party: How to Make it a Success

Updated: May 11, 2021

Check out how to make your corporate holiday party engaging, fun, and a great opportunity for your guests to socialize and build rapport that will help your company achieve its goals.

Corporate event holiday party in Miami

The year was full of challenges but your team has reached the goals, and now it’s time to celebrate with your teammates. Corporate holiday parties are ideal for these moments!

Holiday parties have an important goal of creating a friendly atmosphere and encouraging interaction among the guests. Parties in general provide great opportunities for the team to get to know each other better outside of the work environment and therefore establish a strong rapport among coworkers. This can lead to better results for the company in the long run.

Other than that, providing employees with fun moments to wrap up another successful year is a gesture to show how important they are for the success of the business. The good results can be celebrated together in a fun holiday party. The team will be more united after the party to make the following year even better.

Corporate ceremony team building event in Florida

Therefore, throughout the event, take the opportunity to remind the company goals shared by all employees and the vision of the organization. This also can be an ideal moment to reinforce the company’s history and values that help the corporation reach its present status and importance in the industry.

The greatest challenge of these events is to organize a celebration where the guests feel welcomed and the atmosphere is just right for them to have fun with teammates.

Knowing the hard task ahead, we’ve selected a few ideas to make it happen in a smoother and fun way. Check it out!

people having fun at a corporate holiday party in Miami

Technology and Interactivity

With the new technologies available the last few years, corporations are choosing entertainment tools and devices for their events that offer a lot of interactivity for the guests. Three of the new technologies available today that are taking over corporate holiday parties are the Mirror X, 360 degrees spin camera and multi-camera array/time freeze photo booths.

Mirror X Photo Booth Rental

With an incredible “WOW” factor and a breathtaking 6-foot-tall, all mirror design, the Mirror X Booth truly stands out in the crowd. This modern mirror photo booth combines prominence and practicality with its sleek aluminum build, heavy-duty omni wheels, and revolutionary software. Check here the many features of this photo booth.

Spin 360 Camera Photo Booth Rental

With this photo booth your guests are free to strike any pose on the photo booth platform, while an arm carrying a camera spins around, recording all details. The video is then automatically sent to the laptop and it takes only a few moments for the software to render the video. The guests can use the sharing station to send the GIF/MP4 video to their email or SMS. Click here to see the many features of this photo booth.

Multi-camera/time-freeze Photo Booth Rental

This photo booth uses multiple DSLR cameras set on an angle in front of the guests. It captures a snapshot of any movement of your guests. The way it catches a split second in time is by firing all cameras at the same time, taking multiple photos from different perspectives. The result is a short 3D video with bullet-time effect seen in movies. Check here more info about this photo booth.

These three photo booths offer fun and entertainment for the guests while they promote your event online by sharing photos and videos on their preferred social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. Any customization, including adding logos to the backdrop and overlay, provide a great way to expose the brand to the world on social media. Also, a variety of props and signs add fun to the photo booth experience.


A special attraction for your event such as DJ, live band, magicians, make-up artists, or even a stand-up comedy show can make your event a success.

Performer at a corporate holiday event in South Beach Miami

Another option is to make your guests run the show. Surely some of them have some special talents that the coworkers are not aware of. Maybe the graphic designer of your company has a salsa and merengue band, or the driver is a DJ on his spare time? Instead of hiring an outside attraction, encourage some of the employees to run a Talent Show. This could be a memorable experience for everyone, as well as a great opportunity to encourage interaction among the guests and reduce the costs of the event!.


Offering the employees gifts is a great way to show gratitude for their hard work throughout the year. It can be a small gift given by the head of the team, gift certificates, game or show tickets or a small trip to the nearby mountains. Regardless of your budget and the size of the gift, everyone appreciates a gift and your team will too!

Corporate holiday party decoration in Miami

Themed Cuisine

It’s possible to offer your guests an unique food experience, different than the traditional buffet found in most events. Think outside of the box, but never forget to offer viable options that will satisfy all tastes. Search for gastronomic tendencies and the best ways to offer them to your guests.

A great way to add a new attraction to your event is by offering dishes from a specific country or region. For example, southwestern food, Thai, Japanese, etc. The buffets of corporate events tend to me more traditional, however, depending on the occasion, it’s possible to combine formality with themed cuisine and its typical dishes. Your guests will be curious to try some dishes that might be new to them.

Corporate holiday party food and fun in Miami

Also, for informal events, combine themed cuisine with finger foods. Guests grab typical snacks on the go while they are free to walk from place to place and improve networking. For example, mini tacos on food stations work great in events with Mexican cuisine theme!

Food at a VIP corporate event party

Venue and decoration

Consider a venue that allows you to be creative with the decoration. Research and think outside of the box, making sure the venue provides all of the elements needed for a great event such as enough space for all guests, appropriate lighting, good acoustics, kitchen, and so on.

Also, consider a venue and decoration that match the goals and products of the company. Some cool options range from parks and gardens, which are great places for sustainability and social awareness related themes.

Corporate ceremony event in Miami Beach

Just like decoration and themes, avoid repeating the same venues year after year. This is a basic concept but very efficient. Nightclubs, bars, farms, hotels, themed parks, and even boats and ships. There are plenty of options. Just don’t forget to use common sense, always considering the style of the guests and goals of the company.

Corporate holiday party fun in South Miami Beach

Themed Decoration

Choose unique lighting, music, buffet and decoration as a whole. For example, a great way to explore the company's business is by decorating the party based on a product the company is releasing to be used in the summer. The decoration can make the guests feel it’s summertime, with beach scenery, palm trees, sand, and warm weather.

Also, tropical food, such as coconut water, seafood and tropical fruits can be included on the menu. This is just an example on how to make your corporate party more interesting and remarkable for the guests.

Food and decoration at a corporate party in Miami

Other themes include Hawaiian, movie characters, and much more. Make sure to talk with the guests beforehand and see what ideas they have!

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