8 Ways to Surprise your Wedding Guests

Updated: May 11, 2021

When it comes to leave your guests with a good impression of your wedding, we have some ideas you need to grab their attention. Check out our 8 amazing ideas to impress your family and friends on your wedding day. Take a note and make it memorable!

Miami wedding event sign

“It is the first impression that lasts forever, so make it count”. This is also valid for weddings. One of the ways to make a good first impression on your wedding day is by bringing in something different. Surprise your guests with that "out of the box" idea and they will never forget that day.

Nowadays, more couples are adding the “surprise factor” to the classic wedding ceremonies. The goal is to impress the guests by thinking beyond the traditional ceremony and party.

Keeping this in mind, we listed below some ideas that might impress your wedding guests. But always remember that the first best impression has to be yours. In other words, all the details have to be the way you want them to be, since there’s nothing more important than you being happy in your wedding ceremony.

1- Give a different style to your dress

If you don’t consider yourself a traditional bride, add some color and style to your dress. Yes, make your favorite color an option and your dress will be personal and unique, just your style. Furthermore, add unique laces, ties, flowers, and other accessories.

Fashion wedding dress in Florida

2- Welcome Drink

This is a good way to impress your guests at the reception. Depending on the weather, you might serve tropical drinks if it’s a warm day, or hot chocolate in the winter. This will show your guests that you have thought about all the details to make your wedding perfect.

people drinking during a wedding fun party

3- Snack Stations

Place food stations at strategic locations in the venue and your guests can freely snack on delicious food as much as they want and whenever they want. Coffee tables are also appreciated by some and always work.

Wedding cake in Miami

4- Personalized Seating Cards

Write a personal and unique message to your guests and even include a picture of them! This is certainly a loving gesture that will make your wedding special. Choose a nice color for the card, size, paper type, and of course, elegant calligraphy.

Wedding photography

5- Wedding Photo Booth Rental

If you think of a photo booth rental as that old school stationary photo booth that takes bad photos and videos...you might have to think twice. Even though many companies still offer those old fashioned photo booths our parents used to have fun with in the 80’s and 90’s, the photo booth rental industry have evolved a lot lately.

Maybe you should start considering joining the new technologies by choosing for example a photo booth that records your guests on a 360 degree platform, a mirror photo booth that has many customization options, or a photo booth that creates cool multi camera array/time freeze effects that can be fully customized and shared on email and SMS.

The latest technology of these booths and high quality photos and videos they create will surprise some of your guests that were waiting for those old booths. Those special moments with family and friends in your wedding will be recorded and everyone will never forget!

6- Multi Camera Array/Time Freeze with Chroma Key

Who had never wanted to be another person or live somewhere else? With the chroma key effect on the multi camera array/time freeze booth your guests imagination can go far. This technology can take them to the most beautiful beaches in the world with crystal clear water or to their favorite football game. It can even put them side by side with super-heroes, celebrities, movie characters and more.

Chroma key effect offers fun and entertainment to your wedding and guests, making anyone a Hollywood celebrity. You can customize the time freeze video with your personalized wedding overlay and let your guests share instantly.

7- Environmentally Friendly Wedding Favors

Nowadays there are many themed wedding options, but nothing is more contemporary than including a good cause such as saving the environment to your wedding ceremony.

Many wedding themes today are on based on ecology an they are called eco-friendly weddings or green weddings. If you don’t want to have a green wedding totally based on ecology, your guests will appreciate if you treat them with environmentally friendly wedding favors that will make them remember your gesture.

Keepsake for a wedding ceremony

8- Lighting

One of the most essential and important details of a wedding is the lighting. If the proper lighting is not used, the wedding might look dull and the decoration won’t stand out since good lighting adds important elements to the decoration.

Lighting can be used to give a vintage, classic, rustic or romantic vibe to your wedding. Not even mentioning that it helps a lot with photography, making it look more beautiful and impressive.

Wedding rustic decoration. Cool wedding ideas in Miami-Dade

The perfect lighting can be achieved by the use of many sources such as:

- Candles (either indoor or outdoor adds a romantic feel to the ceremony);

Wedding decoration lights in Miami Beach

- Fairy string lights (work great outdoors. It’s charming and romantic - place some on the guests tables, dance floor, etc);

Fairy lights, comfortable decoration. Beautiful venue.

- Colorful lights (use carefully as it can make the decoration looking too overwhelming);

Colorful wedding decoration in Miami

- Lamps or torches (works good by sunset at the beach, lounges and around guests tables);

Wedding lights during an event in Miami, Florida

- Lanterns (come in many styles such as bottles, Chinese style, cans and more), and

VIP wedding decoration on the spotlight

-Chandeliers (rustic and classic weddings).

Wedding decoration ideas for the ceremony

Another idea is to combine all of them, always making sure that the decoration is not too overwhelming and it will create a nice but simple visual impact on your guests.

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