8 Incredible Ideas to Boost the Promotional Event of your Business

Updated: May 11, 2021

The marketing strategy for your promotional event defines how successful the event will be. Keeping that in mind, we’ve created a list with great ideas to boost your marketing campaign and make your company stand out.

Trade show event in Miami

Would you like to increase the visibility of your brand in promotional events such as conventions, trade shows, exhibitions and fairs? Would you like to make visitors curious to visit your space and learn more about your products? Therefore, you should invest in new and creative marketing strategies. This is a great way to create a strong bond with the public, resulting in valuable business opportunities.

Let’s get started with our tips to boost your promotional event and help you reach great results!

1. Start by defining the goals

The goals have to be realistic and specific. They can be aimed at:

- strengthening networking and customers/partners trust;

- adding brand or service value by reinforcing the mission, vision and values of the company, and

- engaging sales of products or services.

Marketing strategy for a convention event

Once the goal and strategy are defined, set up an action plan that will allow the idea to become reality, the goals reached and the results assessed. Don't forget to always consider your budget and time you want to spend with this initiative.

2. The internet as a powerful tool

A huge budget is not always necessary for promoting an event. A great way to do this without spending a lot is by offering discounts through sponsored posts on social media for the people clicking on the link and signing up online for the event.

Other ways of promoting on social media include creating meaningful content for the participants that will help them prepare for the event, announce news, distribute tickets through promotional online campaigns such as using hashtags, tagging friends, reposting and so on.

Social media marketing and sharing of a exhibition in Florida

3. Gifts

Everyone appreciates gifts, regardless of the size and value. They can be either physical gifts such as the traditional bags, mugs, and pens customized with the company’s logo or discounts in products or services of the company. The idea here is to give something useful and relevant to the participants, so then they can always use the gift and remember your brand.

Kepsake for convention and conference participants in Miami

4. Decoration of the venue

The bond you want to create between your brand and the clients starts by the first visual contact. Therefore, an attractive visual identity that will follow the theme of the promotional campaign is crucial and will allow a strong bonding between the company and clients.

The visual way you present your company in a promotional event is one of the main reasons a participant decides to approach and ask for more details of the products or services. Give special attention to the banners, displays, lighting, furniture, etc. The focus has to be on increasing the visibility of the space, adding branding value and engaging participation.

Some examples include using the products of the company on the decoration, LED screens and lights creating special effects, and graphic designs. These resources can create attractive effects that will grab people’s attention.

Auto trade show in Miami Beach Florida

5. Interactive activities - Photo Booth Rental

Interactive activities, such as using a modern photo booth, offer not only entertainment for the participants but also they are great tools of promoting your brand. The Mirror X, 360 degree Spin Camera and Multi-camera Array/time-freeze photo booths have the most recent technology available for photo booth rental.

- Mirror X Photo Booth Rental

With an incredible “WOW” factor and a breathtaking 6-foot-tall, all mirror design, the Mirror X Booth truly stands out in the crowd. This modern mirror photo booth combines prominence and practicality with its sleek aluminum build, heavy-duty omni wheels, and revolutionary software. Check here the many features of this photo booth.

-Spin 360 Camera Photo Booth Rental

Why use only 1 angle when you can use all of them? The 360 degree spin camera photo booth captures the minimum details of the participants from all angles. The result is incredible and the experience unforgettable. Videos in GIF/MP4 format can be shared on email and SMS. Click here to see more about this booth.

-Multi-Camera Array/Time Freeze Photo Booth Rental

Another photo booth that offers the latest technology available in the industry is the multi-camera array/time freeze photo booth. This photo booth uses multiple DSLR cameras taking a picture at the same time. The result is a cinematographic 3D video of the participant’s best pose with a bullet time effect. This provides the most innovative experience to the participants and, just like the 360 photo booth, they have the option of sharing photos and videos online on the email and SMS. Check here how this booth can be used for brand activation.

-Customization options

Full customization is possible for the three photo booths. You can have the company’s logo on the backdrop of both photo booths or just have a digital overlay on the photos and videos. This is a great way to share your branding on social media as the participants share their experience online.

Also, the multi-camera/time freeze photo booth offers the option of a green screen background. Any digital image can be added to the backdrop. So let’s say the company is promoting a product to be used at the beach. You can have a beach image in the background while the participants pose with the products. The options are endless and suitable to any marketing campaign.

6. Generation of leads

You have to make sure the content presented and the networking opportunities bring more results in the future. Therefore, don’t abandon your clients after the event! This is the moment to create a link between the company and the participants of the event through social media, newsletters with exclusive news of future products and services, and even discounts for the next promotional events.

The generation of leads can be done after the participants use the sharing kiosk to post photos and pictures they just took on the photo booth. The names and email addresses of the participants are collected by the software and later shared with your company. These leads are potential customers that will make your business grow!

Generate leads in a convention event in Miami. Branding and selling

7. Launch new products or services

People like to see new products and services in promotional events. Therefore, use these events to promote that new product your company just released!

Presentation at a trade show

Actually, it doesn't really matter if it’s a product that has just been released or a new function or design of a product that already exists. The idea here is to make the participants feel like they are seeing an exclusive content, before everyone else.

8. Feedback

E-mail the participants a brief feedback questionnaire asking about their experience in the event. Another way to do this is by having tablets available on the venue so then they can fill out the questionnaire on the spot. This is a great way to assess the public’s impressions of the event and their opinions on what can be improved for future events.

Thank you sign at a conference ceremony in Miami

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