8 Creative Team-building, Networking and Branding Ideas for your Corporate Event

Updated: May 11, 2021

Would you like to have creative ideas for your corporate event and provide an experience that your guests, partners, clients and prospect clients deserve? Keep reading below and find out!

Corporate event in Miami

Corporate events are a great marketing strategy for the company. The company’s business can be expanded with these events. Regardless of the main objective of the event, it’s important to make them remarkable. Innovation, creativity and planning are the key to engage guests and deliver a successful event.

Creating a significant experience for your guests and branding are relevant factors when planning a corporate event. The strategy has to be focused on bringing great results for the company as well as strengthening networking, team-building and branding.

It’s exciting for the guests to receive an invite for a corporate event. For the organization of the event, however, it's a big responsibility to overcome expectations. With this in mind, we have gathered 7 ideas to make your corporate event a success!

Corporate holiday party in Miami

1. Attractive and Interactive Invitation

The first contact of your event with the future participants is at the moment they see the invitation. Many tools for creating an invitation are available out there, from apps to design tools.

Interactive invitations can be sent through email, phone or even social media. Include links, images, gifs, videos, maps and other resources. The visual appeal of these resources is a great way to grab attention to the event.

People networking in a Miami corporate event

2. Photo Booth Rental

Photo booth rental is a great option for corporate events. They provide guests with the chance to have fun together in front of the camera. Your guests can also have a keepsake of the event. The latest photobooth technologies available in the market today are the Mirror X, 360 Degrees Spin Camera and Multi-camera/time freeze. These are more modern versions of those traditional static photo booth and they are a great way to entertain your guests.

Only a few seconds are enough for your guests to have a printed picture of their experience with the photo booth or they can share the photos or videos on the email or SMS. The company can have the logo or any digital overlay on the photos and videos. This is a great way to promote the company’s brand on social media.

Would you like to reinforce the brand even more on peoples’ heads? Along with digital customization, the backdrop around the photo booth can also be fully customized to any logo desired.

Another customization option comes with adding any digital image to the backdrop by using the green screen technology. This allows the company to be creative and transport their guests to any place or situation the marketing strategy wishes.

3. Workshops and Team-building

Workshops offer good opportunities for your team or clients to get to know their teammates better by discussing a variety of specific topics.

Team building and networking activity during a corporate event in Miami

However, if the objective of the workshop is to entertain by going beyond the professional setting, the workshop can be on cultural, culinary, and sports themes or even mutual hobbies.

Corporate holiday party. People socializing in Fort Lauderdale

Events offer great opportunities to get people together. Team-building activities can be encouraged by the company and partners throughout the event.

Networking in a corporate holiday party in Miami

4. Organization and Networking

Consider using an events app if you want to boost your event. There are many advantages of using these apps, such as making the schedule of activities easily accessible to all participants so they know what to expect and then they can plan ahead. Moreover, the organization of the event can check the most popular sections of the app and plan the schedule of activities accordingly.

Another advantage is the networking capabilities of these apps. Participants can get to know and interact among each other, creating networking possibilities prior to the event.

Employees during a corporate party ceremony in Miami

5. Presentations

Avoid having too long and repetitive presentations. Participants tend to get tired and lost on those presentations that never end. Mix the presentations with talks, videos, photos and activities that can get the people actively participating in the presentation.

Corporate event presentation in South Beach Miami

6. Online Streaming

Streaming your event online is a great way to reach more people from anywhere in the world and engage interaction of the viewers through online chatting. Also, the people who couldn’t attend the event won’t miss anything by participating online.

People during a corporate event networking in Miami

7. Online Keepsakes

Instead of having those traditional physical event keepsakes such as hats, mugs and bags, online keepsakes are the new tendency at these kinds of events.

For example, it’s great to have printed pictures from the photo booth present at corporate events, however, physical photos are becoming old-fashioned. Sending photos and videos electronic to social media, email and SMS is more modern and environmentally friendly since you won’t need to use paper and ink for printing. Don’t forget to fully customize the videos and pictures!

Another option is to provide the participants with an e-book detailing the presentations they just watched, an online course or even an exclusive app.

Employee relaxing during a corporate event in Miami

8. Decoration

Welcoming and creative decoration that matches the goals of the event are essential characteristics to any type of corporate event.

Here are some ideas for creating a decoration that makes the difference:

- motivational sentences can also be part of the decoration to motivate and engage your guests;

Corporate party decoration in Florida

- consider placing the seats 360 degrees around the stage of presentations, instead of rows in front of it. The presentations can be more pleasant and friendly, as well as the audience is closer to the speaker, giving the presentation an intimate feeling;

- pleasant and interactive spaces with creative activities that make your guests engaged;

Corporate party and ceremony with people networking and team building in Miami

- lounge with comfortable couches,

Corporate party relaxing setup for an event in Miami

- massage and snack stations.

Entertainment idea for corporate event in Miami. Employee receiving massage.

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