11 Best Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

Updated: May 11, 2021

Looking for cool Halloween decoration ideas for your party? Look no further! We’ve compiled some ideas that will scare the hell out of your guests!

Halloween decoration in a Miami party

Halloween party decoration should be scary, fun, and full of elements that bring us the typical Halloween spirit. Creative costumes, scary stories, and a lot of trick or treats are also some important components that add fun to the event.

Bats, spiders, ghosts, candles, pumpkins and witches. These are some items that can’t be out of your Halloween decoration. Now, you could be asking yourself: how do I add these items to my decoration? This is what we explain on this post!

Before we start with the decoration items, let’s talk about colors and lighting, which are key elements of the decoration.


Halloween events are horror parties, therefore, the colors should be dark and scary. The decoration is usually composed by black and orange, but it’s also possible to combine black with silver, purple, white, or gold. It all depends on your party theme!

Halloween colors and food in Fort Lauderdale Florida


Lighting has to be dimmed and mysterious. Ideally, you will work with candles that can be placed inside pumpkins, cans or glasses, which are further decorated. An elaborated lighting plan can even create scary shadows on the walls and ceilings.

Halloween lighting at a house in Miami South Florida

Halloween decoration in Miami

Now that we already know the basic elements of the decoration, let’s dive into the details!

1- Fun and scary doors: the first impression of your guests

How about give your guests a first scary impression of your party right at the entrance? Just place some bats, spiders and spider nets of different sizes at the door, RIP tombstones, skeletons or even just pumpkins.

Halloween scary decoration at a house in Miami Beach

Halloween door decoration in Miami

Photo of Halloween house decoration in Miami

Another idea is to use toilet paper to create a mummy. This is an inexpensive idea, easy to make and always work great!

2- Photo Booth Rental

The main goal of any Halloween party is to offer fun and entertainment to family and friends. Whether it’s a party for your close friends or the company you work for, these parties have to be fun and of course scary.

A great way to make the guests of any Halloween party have a blast is by adding a photo booth rental as one of the main attractions. Photo booths tend to be a hit at these parties because they offer interactive fun and as we all know, people love to have pictures of their creative costumes as keepsakes and share them on social media.

Halloween party photo booth in Miami
Mirror Photo Booth

Other than the entertainment and fun the photo booth offer, they also can be customized according to your theme. Just create a Halloween theme overlay for the printed and digital pictures so then your guests will get even more immersed into the Halloween spirit.

Another great customization feature the photo booth offers is the option of customizing the backdrop. You can decorate it with the Halloween theme of your choice or transport your guests into any scary scenery using the green screen feature in the background. Click here to see the most modern photo booths and their customization options.

Halloween specific props are also a hit for photo booths. They bring unique and fun signs that add even more fun to the photo booth experience.

3- Witches, hats and brooms

These items hanging from the ceiling close to the entrance give your guests a scary welcome!

Halloween scary decoration elements in Miami

4- Bleeding candles

Candles with red wax over them make your guests get into the Halloween vibe. Just place them everywhere. Other than being cool items for your decoration, they also help by adding a mysterious touch to the lighting of your venue.

5- Ghosts

Ghosts are typical items that always add scary elements to any Halloween party. Hang them on the ceiling or on the walls. They are really easy to make if you prefer to do it yourself.

Ghosts are part of Halloween decoration all over South Florida

6- Bats

These animals are really scary when you see them in person. This is why they are essential Halloween party items! Just hang some of them on the chandelier and you will see the amazing effect they bring to the decoration.

Elements of Halloween decoration in Miami

7- Spiders

This is another animal that can’t be out of this. Other than the plastic spider that can be hanging from the ceiling, you can make an artificial spider net, which is the highlight of this idea. For a DIY spider net, just make it by stretching cotton.

Halloween spiders are part of photography party decoration in Miami

8- Glasses with candles

An easy way to make it yourself is by drawing faces in empty glass bottles using an appropriate marker for glass. Place some candles inside the glass and it’s done. You have a beautiful and simple item to be placed anywhere.

Scary decoration of Halloween in Florida Miami

9- Pumpkins

The traditional pumpkins carved with scary faces are essential in any Halloween party. Place candles or lights inside the pumpkins for additional effect.

Pumpkin scary typical Halloween decoration in Miami

10- Balloons

These are other important items that always work really well in any Halloween party. They are inexpensive and easy to find.

11- Syringe drink shots

Ideally, make red drinks using for example strawberry, watermelon juice and jello mixed with other drinks. The idea here is to make the syringes look like they are full of blood.

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